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SMS Follow Us (News & Grounds Updates via Twitter)

SMS Follow is no longer offered by Twitter

Want to get updates from @gfcgrounds and @greystanesfc but don’t want to create a Twitter account? No problem!

Use SMS follow to receive Greystanes FC Twitter updates without having to sign up or add your phone to a Twitter account.

To get started:
SMS follow allows you to receive GFC grounds updates & News straight to your phone. Send Follow gfcgrounds or send Follow greystanesfc to the Telstra shortcode 0198 089 488, and you will start receiving Tweets from us on your device.

Some notes on SMS following:

  • Only on Telstra Australia Network.
  • As a SMS follow user, you will only be able to receive updates from accounts you follow.
  • SMS follow users have a limit to how many updates they can receive daily. If you have hit your limit, you will receive the message “You've reached your daily limit for Tweet notifications.”
  • As a SMS follow user, your phone number (or any other personal information) will not be included in the follower list of users you choose to follow.
  • Even if you don't have a profile, your use is subjected to Twitter's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Fast follow mobile commands:

Below you’ll see all of the SMS commands you can use as a fast follower.

  • Follow gfcgrounds - allows you to receive grounds status updates from us
  • Follow greystanesfc - allows you to receive News updates from us.
  • OFF or STOP or LEAVE - turns off receiving updates from the accounts you are following.
  • ON - will turn on device updates and you will start receiving tweets again.
  • WHOIS gfcgrounds - retrieves the profile information of @gfcgrounds.
  • WHOIS greystanesfc - retrieves the profile information of @greystanesfc.
  • STATS - returns the number of people that you are following.
  • GET gfcgrounds - retrieves the latest update that @gfcgrounds has posted.
  • GET greystanesfc - retrieves the latest update that @greystanesfc has posted.

To remove your phone and SMS follower list from Twitter:

  • Sending STOP twice in succession to the Telstra shortcode 0198 089 488 will delete your follower list and remove your phone number from Twitter. You will no longer receive updates from us.
  • You can send Follow gfcgrounds or Follow greystanesfc anytime and start receiving updates again!

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