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Rostered duties aren't huge tasks but benefit you, your child and our Club community.

The more help we have the easier the job is. A committee member will always be available for advice so don’t be afraid to ask.

Remember, it is only a couple of times a year and it’s not too much to ask for the parents to lend a hand, especially when you consider the amount of time and effort Club volunteers - committee, coaches and managers, put into your children.

Thanks in advance for your help and support, we couldn’t do it without you.


canteen roster
round  08:30am  11:00am-1:00pm
1 - -
2 8 blue white 9 brown white
3 8 green black
16/1 black
4 10/2 12/4
5 11/1 14/1
6 7 green black 12/2
7 under 6 15/2
8 under 5 10/3
9 7 blue white 11/1
10 11/2 11/4
11 7 green white 15/3
12 11/2 youth 2
13 7 red black 15/2
14 7 red white 7 red white
15 10/1 youth 1
16 11/3 13/2
17 under 6 16/1 white
18 10/4 youth 2


bbq roster
Round  08:30am - 12:30pm
1 45/1 black
2 aa4
3 45/1 white
4 aa2
5 aa5
6 35/1
7 premier league
8 aa3
9 aa1
10 aa2 black
11 45/1 black
12 aa4
13 premier league
14 45/1 white
15 aa5
16 aa6
17 aa1
18 35/1


  • Provide a minimum of three parents from each team to assist - two in the canteen and one on the BBQ (as needed).
  • Arrive on time.
  • Sign in.
  • BBQ tickets are purchased from the canteen, along with a roll or bread, which is then taken to the BBQ.
  • Hot food includes chips (cooking required), hotdogs, pies and sausage rolls (keep stock replenished and warmed) as necessary.
  • Making tea and coffee.
  • Serving drinks (prices as marked).
  • Serving lollies (prices as marked).
  • Selling socks and shorts if necessary (see committee member prior to selling any of these).
  • Ensure minors are restricted access to the canteen.
  • Authorised people only are allowed in the canteen.
  • Ensure unauthorised people are restricted access to the canteen.
  • Sign out.
  • Smile.

Current canteen roster is located on this page, when available.

It’s only twice a year and most actually enjoy it once they get in there. A separate roster will be available for the girls on the days that we host games.

field set-up roster

All fields are packed away by the teams who play the last game on that field.
round set-up team
1 14/1
2  12/2
3  13/1
4  15/2
5  15/3
6  16/1 black
7  14/2
8  12/4
9  14/1
10  youth 1
11  15/3
12  12/2
13  13/2
14  12/4
15  14/2
16  13/2
17  16/1 black
18 16/1 white


Usually four people is enough to help our volunteer grounds officer but obviously the more the merrier and faster. (Expect about 30 - 45 minutes work). Enjoy a morning coffee and bacon/egg roll afterwards.
  • Arrive before 8.00am.
  • Put up nets on both fields #1 & #2.
    • Nets are kept in blue plastic bins, marked field 1 and field 2. Pegs are in metal buckets alongside bins. The top field nets have blue wires which attach to the fence, through the large poles. Nets should be kept taut and pegged sufficiently to prevent balls going through.
  • Put up corner and halfway flags Note: Halfway flags should be offset from sideline.
  • Place chairs / bench seats out for field #2 (bottom).
  • Place sponsor signs out.
  • Place garbage bins around fields.
  • Pick-up any rubbish.
  • Check for glass, syringes & other sharp objects on fields.
  • Sweep out dressing rooms.
  • Blow around the amenities block with blower.

Listed teams are the first team to play on the day and will need to arrive in enough time to put the nets up. Mini fields are set up by the first team to play on the respective field.

All fields are packed away by the teams who play the last game on that field (those teams have not been rostered for set up as they pack away every 2nd week).

Miniroos please check to see if anyone is playing after your time slot.

Current set-up roster is located on this page, when available.

safety signs

bathurst street park fields

bathurst street field layout

Defibrillator units are located in the Bathurst Street Park canteen.

AED sign

photo roster 1

photo roster 2


Member Protection Information Officer

Greystanes FC has a Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO). The role of the MPIO is to be the first point of contact for anyone with an enquiry or concern about a member protection issue.  The MPIO is a sounding board for these concerns and can offer information on complaint resolution, policies and other aspects of the issue being discussed. 

The MPIO does not offer advice, suggestions or recommendations and the MPIO does not investigate complaints or reports.  It is the responsibility of the Club (President and/or Executive) to decide who investigates complaints or reports but it should never be the MPIO who conducts the investigation.

Member Protection encompasses several areas: Harassment, abuse, victimisation, racial vilification, child protection and bullying. Any matters outside of this scope are not member protection matters.


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