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Team Sheet

Game Day

  • The official team sheet will be placed in each team’s folder on game day.
  • The team manager must collect that folder from the canteen prior to your game.
  • All home teams must supply a team sheet or risk automatically forfeiting the game.
  • There will only be one team sheet, no copies.
  • Use a ball point pen (blue or black) only.
  • The referees have indicated they will NOT referee the game if the home team does NOT have the official team sheet.
  • Team sheet must have the name of the manager or coach and team official printed and signed before the before referee will start the game. This is decision from the GDSRA and is supported by the GDSFA.
  • Each team sheet will have every players name and FFA numbers on it, if eligible to play, home team and opposition.
  • Players' shirt numbers must be written on the team sheet. If the players don’t have numbers on their jerseys – just tick for attendance (this will only be in the case of the younger players).
  • Team sheets must be returned in the team folders to the canteen.

Important information

  • Any player not playing must have their name crossed off the team sheet.
  • If your team has borrowed players (2 maximum and must be of a lower division team of same age or lower) they must be written on team sheet along with their FFA number and what team they are from.
  • Check for correctness and sign your team sheets after completion of your game.
  • Check the team sheet for all yellow and red cards and offence code. These offence cards must be reported to the competition secretary on the day the game is played. If an appeal is to be lodged against a send off then it must be submitted to the GDSFA judiciary by 7 pm on the following day.

Fines are applicable to incorrectly completed team sheets. Please ensure that all persons responsible for completing the team sheet are familiar with the attached document which shows correct completion of the sheet.

Fines incurred for the following:

    • missing signatures
    • missing jersey numbers
    • missing team official signature (NOTE – team official must be over 18)

Important to get your team sheet back to the Club

  • Team sheets are legal documents and are kept by the GDSFA for insurance purposes.


  • Available from 7:30 am on game day.
  • Available for every team (except under 5 & 6 ).
  • For away games – you must record the score and any red/yellow cards.
  • The team folder must be returned on game day, along with the official home team sheet and the unofficial team sheet for the away teams, to the canteen or to the competition secretary after the game.
  • The players ID cards must be returned with the team folder.


SMS results to Greystanes FC competition secretary immediately after the game only: 

  • If you are unable to return the team sheet that day.
  • It's the last game of the day (away games).

Play fair and have fun in the Greystanes FC tradition.


home turf

  1. Bathurst Street Park, Greystanes
    New South Wales, Australia
    Parking Bays off Ballina Street
  2. Alpha Road Park, Greystanes
    Parking Bays off Alpha Road
  3. Daniel Park, Greystanes
    Parking Bays off Daniel Street
Bathurst Street Park is our Home & main ground. It caters to all miniroos, junior and senior age groups. Full canteen service and change room facilities are available.  The other two grounds handle overflow as required.
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